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Q: How does the Big Island RC&D Council project application process work?

A: The Big Island RC&D Council reviews all requests for assistance via an application.  The simple application that the council uses is a "concept" application and not a detailed proposal.  The Council is looking for the basic plan that the organization or  individual has in mind.  Detailed proposals will be forthcoming if the project  is approved.  If the concept is developed into a proposal and the project is funded, Big Island RC&D Council, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, will act as fiscal sponsor.  The Council requires a minimum of 2 weeks to complete the Council's portion of a grant submission.

Q: How are funds distributed?

A:  All funds come to the council, which in turn, acts as the fiscal manager for project implementation.  Project principals and managers have payments made from their funds for the project. The council handles the bookkeeping and fiscal management responsibilities.  The council charges up to 12% of all funds received for administrative services. 

Effective October 26, 2018: A sponsor rate cap of 0% will be enforced for all pass-through agreements until June 30, 2019.  On July 1, 2019 and thereafter, the sponsor rate cap may increase, but shall not exceed 6% of the total funding being passed through the Council.

Q: What is the involvement of Big Island RC&D in the ongoing project?

A:  The RC&D program manager acts as the liaison and facilitator between the council bookkeepers, project managers and funding organizations.  The council files periodic and final reports as required in the grant criteria and contracts until the projects are completed.



 To Request a Project Proposal Application please email  bircd1@gmail.com